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The capital city of Maharashtra is Mumbai. An interesting fact about this city that it has the highest number of millionaires & billionaires among all cities in India. It sounds so amazing but on the other side, the air of Mumbai is so polluted. Due to the growing number of cars & two-wheelers, festival firecrackers, towers, lengthening traffic jams and the burning of garbage are the main reasons for increasing pollution in Mumbai. Because of this increasing air pollution, Mumbai city has moderate to unhealthy air pollution. The maintained as well as well-designed home landscape reduces erosion, pollution, sediment losses & stormwater runoff. Plantsscape is a leading Landscaping company in Mumbai.

Why choose our company in Mumbai?

Landscaping positively impacts people’s health and emotional well-being. Plantsscape works as per customers’ requirements by keeping our design and creativity level intact. We provide the best landscape services and prove to be the best in terms of budget, design, and time.

Frequently Asked Questions

In Mumbai, how can a well-landscaped home help to sell my home?

Although, Mumbai is an expensive city but maintained landscape can create a warm feeling for the potential buyer. Also, a well-landscaped home adds extra feature that could result in a higher home value.

In Mumbai, does landscaping help the environment?

A maintained landscape will filter dust and other pollutants out of environment. So, yes landscaping helps the environment by purifying it.