We offer landscaping , maintenance and design services

In urban city like Gurugram, we have our company which provides moss services. These services helps to create a healthy atmosphere and pollution-free city. Through this service, opportunity is provided to people for up -gradating of their homes by planting greenery inside or outside their home. It helps to provide a pollution-free environment and healthy atmosphere in the homes is built for living. The planting is done in small spaces provided outside or inside the house.

Why Choose Plantscapes For Vertical Gardening Service?

Our company  Plantscapes provides moss services in Gurgaon. It provides you with customized designs of Moss made to decorate your home or office walls and to fill up the small spaces in your home for creating beautiful, healthy surroundings with the help of beautifully designed panels for walls, balconies of home or offices can be decorated or a small garden can be created which will take minimum space.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Moss?

It’s a wonder plant created by nature. It absorbs moisture from air directly. It requires no maintenance and root watering. It is used as a wall panel or for small gardens in office spaces and in homes.

Moss available in different colors?

Yes, moss is available in a variety of colors which are organic in nature and edible colors. The most natural-looking moss color is Forest Green.