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Moss is considered to be nature’s wonder plant which are used in walls, panels and art. It is considered to be nature’s wonder plant which requires no water also. We specialize in making moss walls and eco-friendly gifts are being made. With the help of moss, amazing and stunning backgrounds of offices reception can be decorated and in homes also one can use it for decorating walls. It is plant with no leaves, stems and roots.

Customer satisfaction is provided by making and delivering our products according to their requirements.  Moss is beneficial as it require no maintenance, watering or pests.


No watering ever

It requires no watering as it naturally absorbs the moisture present in the atmosphere. It is a primitive plants with no stems, roots and leaves. It is a real product which makes office places beautiful and peaceful.

No pests and no dirt

No pest services are required for it as our stabilisation process is involved which makes it anti- static and sterilized which makes it pest free. Due to no insects growing on the moss, it remains dirt free also and helps to keep the surroundings, environment clean and safe. It requires no maintenance cost.

Colors and design customizable

Moss is available in different colors and designs which are innovative and have a beautiful , amazing outlook. It can be decorated on pillars, tiles and walls in offices or busy places. The customizable designs and colors are available in which we specialize and deliver the best possible to our customers..


For Architects,Interior Designers and Landscapers

We have a team of experts and professionals architects, designers and landscapers who helps to provide our customers with innovative, amazing designs of moss. The manufacturing services are also provided by us which are in accordance to customer’s  needs. We handle various projects of designing and manufacturing moss in India and globally also. On-site execution team is also provided by us for proper and efficient fitting of moss structure on the walls.

For Your Home and Workspaces

A lush green patch for your home or workspace is provided by us. A moss or green wall is beneficial for your workspaces to give a clean and peaceful surrounding and a healthy environment for working. In homes, it is used for decorating walls with lush green patches and various customized designs are available in it. Designs are created by our expert team which makes efforts to satisfy our customers in every possible way.


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